Cloud Backup for Business

Business grade service, with high level encryption.

These cloud backup services can backup files on desktops or servers, databases or whole machines. Readily recover data incase of natural disaster, data loss or other unforeseen event.

All data is backed up on Australian shores, interstate, in a secured Data Centre.

Cloud Backup

Why is cloud backup better than disk or tape?

Traditionally backups in business required someone to physically replace a media (tape or disk) every single day, and then take it home or to another off-site location.

With cloud backup solutions that no longer needs to happen.

  • Automatic backups:  on schedule, 7 days a week or as files are changed.
  • Never forget: email alarms to the helpdesk if a backup is missed for any reason.
  • Off-site by design: all data is always backed up off site by design, automatically.
  • Protected: Backups always had the option of passwords on tapes and disks, but this was rarely used. With cloud backups this is on by default, with high level encryption.
  • Faster File Recovery: Recovery of files is a lot faster via Cloud Backups over traditional tape backup or even disk backup solutions.

What are the major features?

The cloud backup solution is extremely versatile, and is deployed with our support agent software. 

  • Support any device or solution: Desktops, Servers, Databases (MS SQL, MYSQL, Microsoft Exchange), files or whole machines.
  • Automatic Schedule for anytime: Backups can run once, multiple times, or constantly throughout the day.
  • High level security: SSL and 256-bit AES encryption means your data is safe.
  • Only changes are updated: we backup only the parts of files that have changed; resulting in efficient and non disruptive backups; saving you time and money.
  • Low internet usage: all data that is sent over the internet is compressed to minimise internet usage.
  • Pay for only what you use: per GB per month.
  • Managed: We monitor and support the backup solution so that you always have your a secured and reliable backup to depend on.
  • Always in Australia: Data never leaves the country.





How do online backups work?

If you'd like to get cloud backup, simply log a job with the helpdesk, and we can rapidly deploy the cloud backup tool remotely via our management console and the agent installed on your computer.

  • First Backup: the first backup will take some time, as it needs to backup all data in it's initial run (this will depend on the speed of your internet connection).
  • Ongoing Backups: Once that has finished, all future backups will happen on schedule - and only new files or changed data will be sent to the data centre for backup. If there is ever any problems with this, we will know and contact you.
  • Recovery: If you ever need to recover data, log a job with the helpdesk and we can recover it for you - in most cases almost immediately. The file can be delivered to any location on your local computer or other service. In worse cases scenarios, we can recover to a USB drive for collection from our offices.

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