Email branding, controlled.

Add, change or update - from one place.

Keeping the look and feel of your business the same to the outside world can be difficult. Emails from mobile phones look different to ones from Outlook on computers, or worse staff have their own "style".

Managed email signatures allows you to quickly deploy signatures for the whole organisation, and change them just as rapidly. 

Centrally controlled email signatures

How does it work?

No more outlook signatures to setup, ever again.

As emails are sent (internally or externally) the mail server attaches your email signature to the bottom of the email as it is being processed. The name, title, company name, and more all come from the users account in Office 365.

Add in logos, disclaimers, or any other marketing elements to the design of the email signature.

Because the email signature is added at the server level in the cloud, users cannot change the design or details in the email signature - and when you do implement a new design all staff have it applied, automatically. It also means it will work with any email application.

What can it work with?

A cloud based solution, which works with Microsoft.

This solution works with Microsoft Office 365 (Cloud) and Microsoft Exchange (On Premises).

The software solution itself is cloud based, Microsoft certified, and runs from a Microsoft Azure data centre - so is completely secure and safe.

BlueReef Technology is a Microsoft Partner, and specialises in Cloud Solutions.

Gold Microsoft Partner

Cloud based

No software to install, completely cloud based.

Quick changes

Change an email signature once, for everyone.

Any device

Works with any email software, including mobiles.

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