Internet services for business

Internet is a fundamental service for businesses. We provide a broad range of services: NBN, business fibre, 4G Internet, and much more.

Why invest in a business Internet solution?

Business Internet should always be online; without it your company is no longer operational. These are the major elements we offer for a great business Internet solution:

  • High speed services: NBN or other technologies (like fibre business internet and more), competitive industry speeds and capabilities.
  • Redundancy: Supplement your connection with a backup service of a different type, lowering less risk of downtime.
  • Local Network Technology: Internet doesn’t stop at reception; the right network equipment (security gateways, routers, and switches) are just as important in keeping your business online.
  • Partner: Support and change when you need. We've got a strong strategy to keep you online.





The right solution for your business Internet.

Each company is different and has different operational requirements. Our role - especially in the beginning - is to identify what you need to stay online optimally and consistently. Some of the elements we consider through this process include:

  • Redundancy: Redundant Internet connections on separate technology to optimise uptime and mitigate risk.
  • Points of failure: How effective is your in-place local network equipment - routers, switches, gateways, APs? Should they be upgraded or supplemented?
  • Technologies: what Internet solutions are available in your region(s)?
  • X-Factor: What can we do to ensure the best experience for you?

This process starts with an 'X-Ray' of your current telecommunications bill, followed by a free onsite audit of your place(s) of business.

Learn about telco bill analysis

NBN Internet Plans

One of the services we use to provide business internet solutions is the NBN. Other technologies (such as mobile, internet fibre, or similar can apply to final solutions as well). See our current standard NBN plans:

1000-400 Plan - $365

Unlimited data included* 
Speed Tier - 1000 mbps down, 400 mbps up^

500-200 Plan - $260

Unlimited data included* 
Speed Tier - 500 mbps down, 200 mbps up^

250-100 Plan - $180

Unlimited data included* 
Speed Tier - 250 mbps down, 100 mbps up^

100-40 Plan - $120

Unlimited data included* 
Speed Tier - 100 mbps down, 40 mbps up^

50-20 Plan - $95

Unlimited data included*
Speed Tier - 50 mbps down, 20 mbps up^

25-10 Plan - $90

Unlimited data included*
Speed Tier - 25 mbps down, 10 mbps up^

*fair usage agreement policy applies. ^please reference the NBN - information on speed tiers sheet for expected real world experiences. Fixed wireless is only capable of speeds up to 25/10.

NBN Business Grade Plans, or business fibre internet plans

Quoted and scoped on a site by site basis. Please contact us for more information.

NBN Plans (Internet for business)

Application forms & additional information

* Not currently available on fixed wireless NBN. Note: Data Allowance each month includes both Uploaded and Downloaded traffic for that billing period and quota not used in a month is not carried forward to the next month. Once you have used your data allowance for each month your service will be shaped or excess usage incurred depending on the plan selected. For full information please see the NBN Critical Information Summary.

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