Citizen Lab Uncovers Apple Device Compromised by NSO's Pegasus Spyware

22 Sept 2023

There is renewed cause to update Apple devices, and ensure they continue to be at their latest possible versions. Citizen Lab, a renowned cybersecurity research organization, recently made a significant discovery while examining an Apple device owned by a civil society group in Washington. The findings indicated that the device had fallen victim to the infamous Pegasus spyware developed by NSO Group.

Citizen Lab's statement, detailing their findings, resonated deeply within the cybersecurity community. The evidence uncovered strongly suggested a breach of the Apple device, with Pegasus spyware as the likely culprit. Bill Marczak, a leading researcher at Citizen Lab, confidently attributed this exploit to NSO Group's Pegasus spyware, supported by comprehensive forensics data collected from the affected device. Notably, Marczak uncovered a surprising twist – the attacker had made a critical error during the installation process, inadvertently exposing the presence of the spyware. This unexpected development underscores the crucial role of meticulous analysis and investigation in the cybersecurity landscape.

Additionally, Apple, the manufacturer of the compromised device, validated Citizen Lab's findings and affirmed the effectiveness of their advanced security feature, "Lockdown Mode," in thwarting this specific attack. This collaboration underscores the importance of keeping devices up to date and utilizing manufacturer-provided security measures.

Moreover, John Scott-Railton, another prominent researcher at Citizen Lab, emphasized the vital role that civil society organizations play as early warning systems against complex cyber threats. In today's constantly evolving digital landscape, these organizations act as a critical layer of protection for user privacy and security

To ensure you are protected, the advice is to install updates from Apple as they are released on all devices.

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