Easy step by step guide to work from home

Almost all of BlueReef Technology products are designed to work from multiple locations (home, new office locations) for all staff. If you get stuck with any of the below, feel free to reach out to the BlueReef Technology Helpdesk: you can log a job through our support portal or call 08 8922 0000.

Lets get started!

Setup your Desk Phone

The desk phones provided by BlueReef are really easy to setup in a different location. They need an internet connection, and if you don't have a PoE network, a power cord.

  1. Plug an ethernet cord into the "internet" port on the back of the phone, and then connect that cord into your switch or router at home. 
    • If you have PoE (Power over Ethernet) on your switch, the phone will automatically power on and connect to the internet (and phone system).
  2. If needed, plug the power adaptor into the power port. Most of the time this is next to the Internet port.
  3. ADDED BONUS: If you are running short on ethernet ports, you can plug your computer into the PC port, and the phone will act as a mini switch.

Ports on Desk Phone

Setup the Cloud Desktop on any device

Installing the software for the cloud desktop onto a computer is relatively straight forward. You can install the software on as many devices as you need.

  1. First install the software (Pick the installer below for your system);
  2. Once installed, open the new application that has been installed. This should be called "AccessPad". Fill in the following fields;

    • Server: desktop.tropicalcloud.com.au
    • Username: Your username (usually firstname.lastname)
    • Password: Your password for the cloud desktop
  3. Once filled out, simply login (It should look like the below).

Login to the Cloud Desktop

(If you need to setup on an Android or Apple tablet, follow this link)

Setup your computer for support & protection

Our Agent is an important piece of software we install on all computers. It provides;

  • Remote Support (from BlueReef Technology)
  • Internet Filter (protection from website malware, etc.)
  • Hardware health checks
  • Enterprise grade antivirus
  • Remote deployment of software where required, including critical software updates
  • ... much more. (It really is our Swiss Army knife!)

We HIGHLY recommend this be deployed on all computers staff are working from - especially if this is their personal computers.

  1. We can provide each company with an installer for that company to give to staff. Simply request the installer via our helpdesk.
  2. Staff can install the software by double clicking the installer on their personal computer, and our software will take care of the rest.
  3. It will show up on our dashboards within 15/30 minutes depending. *An internet connection is required for installation.

Internet & Communications (Temp)

If you need an internet connection for a short / medium term we can help with a 4G internet connection & router to get you online. This is good for 1-2 people.

If you have a larger team, or are going to be using this connection for a longer term, an alternative like NBN might be more appropriate.

Alternatively, you may need a phone system run up for a team to work remotely immediately.

We can help with all of the above, and will work to rapidly get you online (in most cases achieving same day)

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