Lockdown - 16th August 2021

16 Aug 2021

With Darwin, Palmerston and the rural areas going into a snap lockdown BlueReef Technology staff will be working from home until the lockdown has lifted.

Just as with the previous lockdowns, our services will continue as normal, though our physical office will be closed.

If you need to work from home, we have resources to help you: https://bluereef.tech/support-portal/support-documentation/working-remotely

This walks through:

  • Desk Phones
  • Cloud Desktop
  • BlueReef Agent (Web protection, Antivirus, Remote Support, etc.)
  • And Temp Internet

If you need call diversions setup on your phone system feel free to contact the BlueReef Helpdesk:

Further reading on the lockdown:

NT records new case of COVID-19, triggering snap three-day lockdown - ABC News

Coronavirus (COVID-19) (nt.gov.au)



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