How we are responding to COVID-19

31 Mar 2020

The situation around COVID-19 is rapidly changing and we are monitoring & evolving with the problem as we go. We have put this blog post together to outline what we are doing to maintain service levels, and also how you can transition to a remote workforce if needed.

For Northern Territory Business, we highly recommend you keep checking the following URL:

Secure NT - coronavirus covid 19 updates - for business

For more health information, please see the following URL: - coronavirus-2019 health alert

We are continuing to keep a close eye on our services we provide to business

Phones & Internet

We have seen an increase in phone calls over our hosted phone system and have increased capacity to meet the new & unusual demand. This is directly linked to people already transitioning to working from home.

Similarly, as you can imagine, the NBN is also being used more… however so far seems to be holding well. This is because as more people work from home, we are spreading the load a little better.

So far, there have been no issues with our mobile services.

Cloud Services

Our Cloud Desktop has had a slight increase in usage, and as such we are increasing capacity. This will be constantly monitored over the coming weeks.

Microsoft Office 365 has had a few issues as it also sees a greater load with more people working from home. We have seen services go offline and online sporadically over the last week, as the Microsoft platform adapts to the heightened level of usage.

Our Managed Agent, and other services all continue to operate without issue.

Managed Support Services

We have moved to a remote work force, and are currently providing services as normal, including onsite support where needed.

Our physical office will be closed, unless otherwise scheduled for a meeting at that location.

Infected Staff / Offices

Where an infection may be detected in your office, or with one of your staff; or your staff have been exposed to the virus we would ask that you please advise us so we can alter the methods by which we support you and your team; while protecting our own.

Given our onsite activities involve touching multiple users’ keyboards, mice & workstations we are looking to minimise any chance of spread.

How you can transition to a remote workforce if or when needed

If you are considering the transition to a remote workforce for your business, your current BlueReef Technology services can enable this with little change.

We have created a full guide for transitioning over to remote working. 

Working from home - A step by step guide

We’re here to help

We are here to help. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.


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How we are responding to COVID-19

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